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My services are adaptable

for any stage of your production process





USA and EU passports 


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My services can start at the pre-production stage in meetings with showrunner, producers and director:

  • Script review to identify scenes that need coordination, choreography, custom barriers, modesty garments, prosthetics, etc.

  • Understanding the filmmakers' vision & goals and suggesting possible solutions.

  • Casting process.

  • Communication with potential actors about comfort level and discussing boundaries & consent and negotiating nudity riders.

  • Potentially suggesting rehearsals prior to shooting day.

Rehearsal & FILMING

On the day coordination:

  • Rehearsals, choreography and shoot.

  • Communication between director, actors and the various departments to makes sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Supporting the actors before, during and after the scene.

  • Ensuring closed set and SAG-AFTRA nudity guidelines are followed and nudity riders are respected​.


  • Viewing of rough/final cuts to ensure footage is within the negotiated agreements of the nudity riders

  • Signing off on nudity riders

  • Potentially after care for actors post shoot.

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