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"Diego has been a trusted colleague and resource for Center for Healthy Sex for over 6 years.

He has a great mix of warm heart, humor and clear professional boundaries and integrity to help individuals and groups be comfortable working therapeutically with a variety of sexual issues, experiences and traumas.

Diego is equally skilled working with individuals as well and we highly recommend him as part of the Los Angeles sexual health community who can be trusted to help us all move forward."

Alexandra Katehakis, PhD., MFT, Clinical Director - Center for Healthy Sex

Douglas Evans, Executive Director - Center for Healthy Sex


"I am in awe of Diego's talent, care, presence, perception, and deep open-hearted love for the individual. 

I witnessed the effect of his work on several people before I had my session and was amazed at the inexplainable ways their energy was shifted."  

Sandy K., Actress

"your skill and knowledge is profound love with which you held me, the space and your work!"

Melissa McFarlane, CEO Electric Kites

"I am unspeakably grateful for you.

For being so generous, loving, attuned, rock solid in your support, intuitive and skilled!"

Andrea L., Actress

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