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My Story

As a professional actor of 30+ years between Europe and Hollywood I have firsthand experience with situations that called for intimacy, nude action and simulated sex.

Needless to say that in ALL instances there was very little communication as to what excactly was going to happen in the scene and how we were going to shoot it - and so it was usually covered under a veil of awkwardness.

I quickly learned that I had to take care of myself and fellow actors in such situations and I developed a sensitive, straight forward, no-nonsense approach that ultimately helped everybody involved.

I usually ended up feeling pretty good about the scene and directors & producers were happy!

In addition to working as an actor I'm also a certified sexological bodyworker and somatic sex educator - a professional with on point communication skills when in comes to sexual topics.

In my thriving practice as a sex & intimacy coach I guide individuals and couples who are looking to re-ignite their sexual connection through explicit practices.

This coupled with my experience in movement choreography, dance, martial arts, fencing, meditation and yoga make me the premier choice ON-SET INTIMACY COORDINATOR able to sensitively guide filmmakers and actors in creating powerful, sexy scenes where everybody feels taken care of and happy with the realization of the creative vision.


"I'm a real life intimacy coordinator

and when everybody feels safe - the best work happens!"

HBO has announced that all of its shows featuring sexually intimate scenes henceforth will have a monitor known as an “intimacy coordinator” on set.

My Mission

My mission is to take the AWKWARDNESS FACTOR out of the picture when it comes to hyper exposed work on-set like intimacy, nudity and simulated sex. I facilitate the communication between all parties involved to create a level of comfort as well as physical and emotional safety.

I hear that some directors may fear for their "artistic freedom" - but here's the thing:


Rather, I wholeheartedly believe that SEX is a beautiful, powerful expression of our human experience and so rightfully, it will always find its way into the stories we tell.

However, the way such scenes were handled in the past often left performers to their own devices - sprinkled with the hope that actors will somehow work it out among themselves... good luck!

Sometimes that works - and often it doesn't: leading to disappointment, feelings of yuck, delays during the shoot and potentially even lawsuits.


In the wake of the #metoo and the #timesup movement, I feel it is of utmost importance that when we rehearse and film such scenes in HOLLYWOOD that everybody feels SAFE while aiming to capture believable onscreen sensual and sexual content of deep human feelings and emotions.

This is where my qualities coupled with integrity, expertise and experience can make all the difference!

Communication is key so we can find creative solutions for any challenges in such delicate on-set situations.

  • I can be the liaison between filmmakers and cast - I can understand the director's and producer's vision and help communicate this to actors and the various departments.

  • I can listen to the actors and learn what they are comfortable with and are willing to do/show and help them formulate potential boundaries of "no touch/show zones" in the scene - so they can feel enthusiastic about their performance.

  • I help find workable solutions (choreography, consent, garments, barriers etc) so that actors and filmmakers alike feel enthusiastic and happy about the on-screen result.


"Having me as your ON-SET INTIMACY COORDINATOR ensures: clear transparent communication, achieving desired sexy results and success for production!"




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